Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rain has pretty much become history til late fall...

Never the less, an interesting month

One last gasp of rain, Thursday 6/8.
The afternoon before, you could see it coming, at least I could from my north-facing windows.

And after the rain passes thru....

6/16 Sunset!

We are thru about three days of what has been billed as a massive heat wave thanks to a hi pressure dome in the desert SW. One AM sunrise, some moisture from another system managed to sneak in, create some semblance of what photographers call 'popcorn skies' which got lit by rising sun red/yellow light.
What can I say but "MAH-VELOUS"!

Since then? Pretty boring, just blue skies from horizon to horizon.
I'll be watching the NWS forecast:

... in hopes of taking in some Marin Headlands fog.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Winter storms, Part 2

Here's the rest of my March- April- May images, 
everything from feathery cirrus to snarling anger

Summer is here if i can look westward from my fifth floor breezeway, and see a blanket of fog thick enough to slide over the peak of Mt Tamalpais (2400 ft/elev. +/-) only a few miles from the ocean.

And windy? OMG, as fog burns off the warmer air rushes inland.

No mo' rain 'til October - next post? Probably foggy - the images, i mean - 
not the text, that will be coherent.