Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Winter finally arrived - Friday 10/14

But first let's back up a bit to take in a few nice things since the last post (July 30)
It's been a couple of pretty dull months skies-wise. Even the NWS forecast calls it a broken record.

A few troughs of varying high and low pressure have moved thru from time to time, but they don't break the almost constant monotony of a clear blue sky from horizon to horizon much.
A few weak systems have blown thru, and serving up a bit of nice cirrus. I've been naming them sometimes, w/ adverbs or adjectives ... like 'dancing'... frothy...

This is dancing

I'm not sure what the rest are called

How 'bout a few mo' from another day?

Here's the take from weekend when winter finally rolled in, on again and off again rain. The first wave friday was the worst for sure.

I was glad i decided to take friday off from work. In the early AM it rained like a mad *MF*, and windy too. Really windy. I could look out my apt window to see an old oak tree half block away being twisted turned & wrenched down to it's roots. It all lasted for a few hours, and then some calm.
My commute, if i had done it, would have been hellacious. At 8:25 a produce truck overturned just north of me, stopped traffic on the freeway for 2 full hours. I always have at least one if not two magazines in my travel-bag... but really, these would be gone long before the traffic snarl was.

9 AM? some breaks in the clouds, by noon, all grey, moving very fast, but no rain. 
4 PM  more grey, no rain.
Bummer - i look ( or maybe i should say 'listen'?) for the soft, sizzling sound of traffic below me.

I can see out my northern facing window out of the corner of my eye. Being a longtime photographer, i can see the color of the light in a heart beat, and now the light on everything to the north is a  red-orange warmth. I walk to the top level breezeway in just my undies and T-shirt to take in... ( uh - i wasn't the only one!)

Very nice. I am happy to 'be here, now'.

10/16 sunday
No rain to speak of in my neck o' the woods, but plenty of frothy aerial displays.

I am sure the aerial cinema display will continue - I'll be back, for sure.
Mother nature always puts on a great slow motion cinema display :-)