Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer's here in California - Skies are boring.

Maybe you've heard the song w/ the lyric "it never rains in southern california..."?
True, during the summer. Not true during the winter. But it's summer now, there's nothin' but big fat hi-pressure systems in the eastern Pacific, the weather is like... 'no weather', blue skies from horizon to horizon, day in and day out, i could paint you a picture with a Photoshop file, using a simple gradient tool.
The one interesting thing going on is fog at the coast, there will be future posts about this, I've taken in alot of it over the years. But before I get to the fog, for a few moments, since winter has not receded from memory quite yet, here's a few photos of stormy clouds, winter, in all it's furious glory. Hope you enjoy.
Please return, the next post will be..uh.. foggy, definitely!

 Looking east, from Limantour Spit, Pt Reyes.

 Looking west from Limantour Spit, Pt. Reyes.

These next four are all at Limantour Spit, Pt. Reyes

 Above and below, taken outside Las Vegas, NV.

 Super fat 'cumulus'... i think.

 "Mammatus" is the scientific name - taken in San Rafael, CA.