Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another rather boring month...

Another rather boring month September was, skies-wise. No end to drought, not many interesting skies.  A bit of nice cirrus, nothing special.

And forecasts of an el nino? ... down-graded significantly.

However!... 9/25-26
Overnight, a mild storm system spun thru. Nothing outrageous, but it did rain. In the AM, the last of the front was passing to the east, i took in the western edge of the front, moving east.
Niiiiice :-)

The aftermath the next day was pretty awesome too - big, FAT!

& then some awesome nimbo-cumulus!

The drought continues on... this is getting to be scary.

When the shit really hits the fan, we may all be in this same boat:
With Dry Taps and Toilets, California Drought Turns Desperate

PORTERVILLE, Calif. — After a nine-hour day working at a citrus packing plant, her body covered in a sheen of fruit wax and dust, there is nothing Angelica Gallegos wants more than a hot shower, with steam to help clear her throat and lungs.

“I can just picture it, that feeling of finally being clean — really refreshed and clean,” Ms. Gallegos, 37, said one recent evening.

But she has not had running water for more than five months — nor is there any tap water in her near future — because of a punishing and relentless drought in California. In the Gallegos household and more than 500 others in Tulare County, residents cannot flush a toilet, fill a drinking glass, wash dishes or clothes, or even rinse their hands without reaching for a bottle or bucket."

Read this/above and then think about it, real hard.

I have several gallons of water in my freezer... and numerous cans of beans, corn, breakfast cereal etc. on my shelves, earthquake supplies.
But will this really help me 'when the wheels come down'?
Nope, no fucking way. Maybe for a few days or so...

Here's the Foo Fighters video ('when the wheels come down'), for your convenience:
(The drummer is *totally kick-ass*, but Dave would have it that way being a big John Bonham fan.)

Here's more to ponder:

Orange County's Great Drought of 1864
By Gustavo Arellano Wed., Sep. 10 2014 at 2:00 PM

Keep checking this one, bookmark it, if you are so interested:

Not a very well put together web page (it's text expands beyond my screen width, at least w/ an old version of Firefox - if you are on a Mac, w/ Safari, it works much better) but you will get the idea, nonetheless:

 Are we in deep shit, or what??

“We’re living in a dream world.”

Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Let's end this post on a good note, & hope for the best.
Traffic, the band, from late 60's:
"Who knows what tomorrow may bring"