Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Still waitin' on El Nino.......

11/15 - 5 am
I wake up, hear that *sizzle* of wheels on the street outside - Rain!
I roll over, try to go back to sleep, happy to hear rain.
When I wake up? the streets are barely wet. A 'no show' of a storm.

Some nice cirrrus though...

An unremarkable day, as the last few have been.
I get home at 4PM, fire up the mac mini, check email, and... i notice out my north window a certain warmth to the light.

I photographed architecture on a 4x5 view camera for 10 years ('82-'92) - i can see color temperature (the light of the sun filtered by passing thru much atmosphere) in a heart beat. Even if it is reflected off the landscape/buildings.
I can see something unique is building, there are waves in the air up there, way up. Ripples and eddies.
Sure enough, minutes later, the sunset to the west was a great show.
Like the last glowing embers in a fire.

It all happens in a new york minute. Or two.

In fact... life happens in a new york minute. There's more than clouds in the sky - there's philosophy too.
So where is El Nino?
Not 'sposed to really show up until January:

Excellent blog, bookmark it.
You'll hear from in a month or so, when the shit hits the fan.