Saturday, September 28, 2013

Time for some more fog.

San Francisco in the summer time can be downright depressing, it can be foggy/socked in for weeks at a time.

But many times, all ya need to do is cross the G.G. Bridge, and it's a different world.
Here's a view from the Marin Headlands - clear blue skies above?... the city is probably socked in.

I like planning to go to the Headlands when the fog is burning off, I like to be on the sunny side of the stuff, interesting things happen as it burns off...




The crows like it, too -
here's one having a great time with the updrafts from the burn off:

Now I live in San Rafael, just 15 minutes drive north of the GG Bridge, and this is my view (below) of fog, struggling to get over the hills, and not getting there.

I like watching the constant struggle and interplay between the elements - air, water, barometric pressure. 
It's like mother earth is throwing a party, we are all invited.
Are we treating 'Mom' well??... probably not.
I won't even get started on the whole global warming thing.
This planet has changed incredibly, over hundreds of millions of years. And it will change more than we could possibly imagine, before the sun melts down, and bakes Earth in about...1.75 billion years.