Saturday, March 9, 2013

California: winter = stormy & wet? No, Not this year.

This winter has been a bust for good skies, and for rain. We had some good storms in December, but since then it's been more like summer, but without the fog. So far January (with one exception, a storm that blew thru quickly, didn't leave much rain) & February have been the driest on record. Ouch. We need the rain!! The snow-pack is paltrey, too.
Mother Nature, how 'bout some wet wrath?
Bring it on!!!
We need some stormy skies like these (from a few years ago)!!

Not to get too scientific here... but i think these are classified as/called..
(or maybe 'mammatus' -  the latin version)

I have to agree, whatever follows this will definitely be a 'mother******' (of storms!)
It rained 'cats & dogs'... and other small assorted mammals.

I was happy to be able to hide in my small apt., safe, sound, and dry.
The next time i write, i hope to write about *rain*!... but i ain't holding my breath.