Sunday, April 7, 2013

One last gasp of feebleness... winter is over.

This wasn't even a 'storm' to tell you the truth - it was feeble, dropped little rain... but did provide some nice cloudscapes.
A low pressure system hung out in the eastern Pacific for a few days:

....and spun in a few showers here and there, it was hit or miss in terms of actually getting rained on.
Multiple layers of clouds, at different heights, interesting views.

What is it that fascinates me and many others about clouds?
They change rapidly, can become anything, especially into something you don't expect.
The forces that make this happen are invisible to us.
It's a bit of a mirror of life, our lives, isn't it?
...but we are happy that our lives don't change as often as clouds, and maybe that we are on a slower time frame is somehow reassuring.
We are spared, to some degree.......

One very tasty link - this cloud-scape:

©Ben Canales
Lenticular clouds form as air moves over a mountain.