Monday, May 6, 2013

Stormy sunset, Nevada 2008

I took a few great photos of storm clouds lit by sunset light in Nevada a few years ago:

Some winter storms were rolling thru, it had snowed in downtown Las Vegas the day before, i was driving back to Vegas from Valley of Fire SP as the sun was setting, and this was the view. Something like this happens really quickly. First I finished off a roll of B&W on my Pentax 6x7, w/ a yellow filter.
Then i shot some digital/color, then decided to try and get more B&W... by the time i reloaded the camera, it was too late, it was over.

But this one beats 'em all!
July 14, 2012
Searchlight, Nevada
A double rainbow appears after heavy monsoon storms over 
Nipton Road in Searchlight, Nevada.

Double Rainbow
©Gene Blevins / Reuters-Landov

Sometimes you need luck, like i experienced.. sometimes you have spend hours or days 'stalking' the shot, like this guy did:

©Nolan Nitschke/ Caters News)

The extraordinary one-of-a-kind sighting was captured by keen photographer Nolan Nitschke, 27, in Yosemite National Park in California. Nitschke knew a storm was approaching the area and that the incredible rocky peaks throughout the park act as lightning rods. After spending hours painstakingly trying for the perfect shot he finally hit the jackpot as the bright lightning crashed through the colourful rainbow lighting up the dark sky.

(Just click on the link, you won't be disappointed, all of this gallery is awesome):

That's all for now, folks.
Keep your feet on the ground, but your head?... in the sky!