Saturday, November 7, 2015

The last month got alot more interesting

It actually rained!
Alotta people, sky/cloud watchers or not, would say that sunrise and sunset are the times most likely to deliver a colorful unique display. Can't disagree with that.
But I should point out that many times looking in the opposite direction (west at sunrise, east at sunset) can be equally interesting though probably much subtler.
So here's recent sunrise, and what goes on 180 degrees behind it.

This is looking east. Below, looking west


What this stretched out streaky cloud is, i have no idea.

10/25 AM fog.
Such mysterious and spooky stuff.

10/27 - Forecast was for some significant rain. Never happened even though AM skies looked kinda angry.

11/1 Sunday
Forecast? Rain, starting late, continuing thru the night. Correct, it happened! I woke at midnite and 3 AM to make a bit of 'rain' in my bathroom, and was pleasantly surprised to see the same out my window!

At the coast, half an inch, further east/ inland/east bay - 1.5 inches.

Many times, it's the backside of he storm that is most interesting, photogenic.
True once again. By 8 AM, rain is gone....

...but what passes by thru the day is, ah yes, worth many frames. Maybe half roll or more in 35mm camera terms. Even late in the afternoon there was still bombastic stuff passing thru. Thank you mother nature for a great show. I doubt you will ever bore me for long.

And a bit later, 'round sunset, warm color kicked in.

What's up w/ El nino?
Always check this one out, definitly worth a bookmark!
weatherwest blog - 10/28

I always quote the terminator, 'ahnold':
"ah'll be back"