Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer, fog!... a bit of cirrus... NO rain!

There has been some notably strange cirrus lately!

But from now until October the only sky story here will be 'fog'.

One of my favorite shots of fog, above - it's just trying to form, and make it's way in, to the shore. This how the fog is, always coalescing, and trying to move in, over the hills....

 ...thru the bay, whatever niche it can find to exploit, it will do that, have no doubt about it. It can also burn off just as fast, be a fleeting occurrence, as cool air hits a coastal bluff.

On another note, perhaps next winter will give us a big change-up.

Early signs point to a strong, disruptive El NiƱo:
(but it depends upon who you listen to!)

'Whales and fish are showing up in odd places, nesting pelicans are in dire straits, and experts are increasingly convinced that this will be a significant event.
June 15, 2014 by Pete Thomas

( notice that the web person can't spell 'el nino' right, but hey, WTF, the link works.)
As for the drought?

I keep reading (or should i say 'clicking upon'?) so many california drought stories that are all the same. All created to make you 'click' you to a page that has advertising, which gets monitored, and bills the advertisers accordingly.
According to your(our) clicks.
This is not news, it is commerce.

I was here ( living in SF) for the last El Nino event - winter, '97.
It rained cats, dogs and other small mammals. And maybe even some larger mammals, if you get my metaphorical drift.
It was "big time bad ass just when you hoped it might end it didn't and set off every car alarm in the neighborhood".
That bad, yes.
We need mo' of that.

There are lots of less noticed by-products of the drought, here's just a few:


This is an old link, but well worth a click, fog in the Grand Canyon,

Check out this majestic and rare site at the Grand Canyon over the weekend:
For the second time in recent days, the canyon experienced an inversion, where freezing fog and clouds filled the gaping divide, acting like a lid.

12 awe-inspiring Grand Canyon views
Published 12:18 pm, Thursday, November 7, 2013

June 25 - it's actually cloudy, quite cloudy by 4PM.
Will anything actually come of it? Guess who is not holding his breath?
Nothing happened.
The next AM, on my walk to the bus, the sky was like this, rain? zilch!

A couple of good educational links for ya:

I'll be back next month, hopefully w/ some new stuff... if not, previous year's fog will suffice. Really, it will. :-)


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