Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Late December - winter, wherefore art thou?

Since the storm just before Thanksgiving, it's been nothing but smooth easy sailing, if I didn't look at the calendar, I'd think it was summer for the most part. We had a stretch of cold recently, but no rain, and we really, REALLY need the rain.
(And by my standards, growing up in Maine, it wasn't really very cold. People in the Bay area? when it goes below forty degrees, they're bitchin and moanin'.)
A big hi pressure system has taken up residence off the coast, and anything stormy in the jet stream has been pushed way north of the SF Bay area.
A few afternoons some cirrus has managed to drift thru after sunset, and made for some very nice viewing, one cloud in particular was fantastic, it's at the bottom.
What i really want to see out my window is something like this:

There's definitely some H2O in that monster!

Or to be awakened at 3AM by a howling wind, and look out my 4th floor window to see rain like this, illuminated by the street lamp:

But I'll settle for some nice sunsets.
This is the one killer cloud from the last month, off to the east,
lit by a sun way over the horizon.
 I hope to have more to report next month... but if i don't,
I can take you to the desert, through Tehechapi Pass :-)
It's one of the nicest drives I've done in Ca., but dammit there's no turnouts, and it's next to impossible to photograph anything without them.
"I'll be back" - just like 'Ahnold' terminator but i won't drive thru you window,
just land on yer screen :-)

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