Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter...but not much of it.

Winter finally arrived in the SF Bay area on Nov 18-20.
'Twas a mild start, incoming front was just grey and featureless, but on the back side, after the front passed thru?...some nice multilayered cloud cover,
which shaped up nicely as the sun set. I could see this one coming.
(I have had much 'practice' watching skies. From '81-'91 I shot archictecture in the Wash DC area, you always watch the sky, it can totally make a shot, and always watch the weather reports, they aren't always very accurate, but it's the best you got. So I've gotten pretty good at watching, and predicting, to some degree.)

...and made it to the 5th floor breezeway facing west in time to catch the sunlight from over the horizon hitting the undersides of the clouds. Niiiice.


  The very warm light also hit a monster thunderhead,
somewhere to the east.

within a few minutes, it got lit by sunset light too.

And here's a few miscellaneous others, taken I'm not sure when,
but definitely recent, Enjoy all!

Now here's some energy goin' on, fer sure.

But this (below) is peaceful, mellow.

It's only Dec 2, I'm sure there will be more to come.
I plan on takin' it in :-)

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